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Endnote Software

I’ve been a user of Endnote bibliographic software for 12 years now. It has always been a bit clunky. Recently I decided to use Endnoteweb instead of having the program on my laptop (mainly because of the complications with licences). But then I got a little annoyed and decided to buy a copy for myself – downloaded from Adept Scientific’s website.

The first mistake was downloading X5 when using Office 2007 (it is not optimised for 2007). I upgraded to Office 2010 after considerable effort to get the Endnote tab on Word 2007. Still the tab did not appear and still I tried the range of fixes offered by Adept on their website and also in personal communication. Finally the penny dropped when I found some of the training videos on Youtube (I recommend them). The Endnoteweb program needs to be uninstalled and then the X5 tab appears as if by magic.

The journey is not then complete, unfortunately; one still has to activate the Endnoteweb program – for reasons which are bizarre. Again, another video guided me through the steps ( Low and behold, it works!

The attack on Hama

1 August 2011

President Bashar al-Assad sent in the tanks to Hama, a non-conforming town to the north of Damascus. Hama had been attacked by his father in 1982 with 10 thousand deaths when the City was literally razed to the ground. The reports coming out of the city today, such that they are, talk of indiscriminate arms firing, tanks and explosions. The story is familiar; however, this time, UK and Nato forces are not there in support of the citizens.

Listening to William Hague, the UK foreign Secretary this morning on Radio 4 was pointless as he dishonestly explained the West’s absence. It is different, of course, but not because the Arab League has not asked for assistance.