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Tandem Tour 2014

Flander2Having previously done the Rhine and Elbe, sort of, this year the tandem takes another ferry, this time from Dover, England to Dunkerque, France, in to Belgium taking in the cities of Brugges and Ghent. Then onward to Maastricht and Aachen. From there, who knows? We have limited time.

Blacks_tent2We are armed with a new tent (Octane 3 person tent, pictured left). It weighs in at 3.5kg, but it is generous in terms of space and has two layers. It is worth the extra weight so we discovered on our first tour with a very light single-skinned tent. Last year’s tent was a bit old and did not make it back from Holland.

The tandem has been serviced. The two tours so far (both are recorded in the cycling tab, right) had taken their toll on the chain wheel and the chain. Both have been replaced. We look forward to trouble-free cycling.