15 February 2011
Joan as Police Woman did not disappoint. I cannot find a review for this particular gig which Joan herself described as one of her best. She tends to be plagued by bad sound. At the Wedgewood Rooms, apparently, they always get it right. I wish that there had been more people there; not a bad audience, and very intimate, but I do not know how she pays the bills. I’m helping having now bought the album on CD and Vinyl (albeit signed by the woman herself).
13 February 2011
Tonight I go to Portsmouth to see Joan as Police Woman. I saw her a couple of years ago in Brighton and she was brilliant. The new album is, as she says herself, rockier than the melancholic ‘To Survive’. Tonight she will wear her leather jump suit which she says she intends to wear for the whole of the 50-date tour. She suggests that it might stand up by itself by the end. Maybe.
27 July 2010
Neil Hannon performs “The Complete Banker” (right).

The Divine Comedy’s new album “Bang goes the Knighthood” is in my collection. It is a little understated. But like all good albums, they mature with listening. Even better is seeing the artist performing the songs. This is what Neil Hannon did on 17 July at Somerset House in London. Actually he did a lot more than that. For nearly 2 hours he performed songs from across his career with his piano or guitar. The audience in a few places had to remind him of his own lyrics; but he was excused in that the songs were new and he had performed for so long that evening. The great thing about this performance was the fact that he seemed to be enjoying himeself. On the one previous occasion I have seen him (with a full band) he seemed not to be really interested and keen to leave the stage. This was symbolised by throwing beer into the audience. This time his tipple was white wine that went only into his gullet.

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