Test Match Cricket

Yesterday I was at the Rose Bowl for Day 3 of England v Sri Lanka. The logistics of the Rose Bowl are impressive. They have a pretty efficient park-and-ride system served by delightful first generation Leyland Olympian buses. Worth it by itself.

The day was hugely frustrating with constant showers that built up whilst the ground staff were mopping the outfield after the previous shower. We lost a whole session, though it being June, they extended the final session to 1930. Good to see Kevin Pieterson and Alistair Cook batting well. Great experience. It is still the elite form of the game.
One other point of note is the amount of fancy dress groups that attend. This day was populated by a wide array of thematically dressed groups of males. Bananas do seem to be ever-popular. Also the 118118 men are relatively easy. Teletubbies, pirates, crabs, fishermen (in oil skins, appropriately for the weather) and my favourite, Dickie Birds.
However, as the alcohol flows and the play gets delayed even further, the groups start taunting one another for want of something to do. We are all on the same side, but it feels a bit like rival fans in football.

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