Cigarette advertising

Travel is great for contrasts. In many respects Germany, for example, is a highly regulated country. It is very difficult to do some things that normally I take for granted in the UK. Online mobile phone top-ups are a case in point; likewise trying to get mail sent to an address that one is not officially registered at. It is very frustrating.

With that in mind, I still find it very strange that the Germans still allow cigarette advertising. This one for Pall Mall can be found on all railway stations in Munich and maybe elsewhere. It depicts a group of beautiful young people in the Alps (presumably skiing) killing themselves with cigarettes.

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  1. kitsproson on

    You make a very good point Graham. Germany embodies “regulation,” that’s for sure, yet cigarette advertising is absolutely rife! Where I’m currently living in Bavaria, there are cigarette machines in the streets, in all bars, and even one in the small, family-orientated Gasthof where I work. Almost all of the people that I know here (and I know quite a few), smoke. Back at home in England, I don’t know that many people who are smokers, and so to me it seems that the rate of smokers in Germany to England is quite a lot higher.

    • strassenbahn13 on

      Thank you for the comment. I have grown to love Germany and Munich in particular. However, healthy living is not something that I sense. The stereotype is real. Sausage, beer, cars and cigarettes. I too was surprised to see cigarette machines in the street – and not just in the city centre; but they are to be found in neighbourhoods. That said, in the UK, there are plenty of convenience stores open all hours where cigarettes can be purchased. The convenience store simply does not exist outside of railways stations in Germany.

  2. kitsproson on

    The German diet is incredibly high in salt, well, that’s what my heart my has telling me recently!

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