60 years

We are now into the Jubilee year. On the Eve of her accession anniversary on 5 February she went to Church on her Sandringham Estate and then reaffirmed her pledge of service to her subjects. Then on the anniversary itself she went to King’s Lynn Town Hall and then to a local school. Very nice.

The Royal press office has been busy. Harry is doing the talk shows about his Grandmother. The old friends, too, are coming out of the woodwork to talk her up. John Major has been drafted in to chair her new trust for underprivileged people. And the media are soaking it up uncritically.

And now we have Gary Barlow announcing that he loves the monarchy and the Queen and is organising a concert for her in London with a packed line-up of all of our favourite artists including Cliff Richard, Tom Jones, Elton John, Jessie J (I bet the Queen knows who she is) and others. What a really exciting time we are all going to have this summer. Doesn’t it make one proud to be British?

Please remember, this is a hereditary monarch. And even if she has been devoted to her subjects, the institution itself is outdated and inappropriate for a modern democracy. Remember also that Charles – next in line – lobbies politicians and the civil service to maintain his privilege and tax advantages. They are very rich and own a lot of land. Unlike the rest of us.

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