In order to get the requisite dose of Vitamin D, this summer’s holiday is an extended tandem ride along the Rhine to Munich. Plans are well afoot. Yesterday we went to try a tandem at JD Tandems up in Gargrave in North Yorkshire. It is a long way to go to test drive a machine, but such is the specialised nature of tandem building, it is necessary, and as it turns out, worth it.

JD Tandems, in the first instance, discuss the specification and tandeming before pointing customers in the direction of nearby (7 miles) Malham up the Aire Valley. It is a long time since I have been in that area, but the contemplative visit to the nearby Barn House Cafe reminded me just how delightful the cycling experience is, even if the weather is cool.

The tandem is now ordered and will be ready to pick up in a few weeks’ time. The expurgated specification is as follows:

18/14” Orbit Routier Sport in black; GP5 grips & bar ends on the front; 170 cranks front & rear 28/38/48; 1.75” Marathon tyres; 40 hole wheels front & rear

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