Tandem now in Hove

Yesterday I brought it from Gargrave where it was assembled to Hove where it will start its journey to Munich. It is pictured here with me prior to being loaded into the van. However, prior to doing so, I stayed overnight in Malham and visited a rather dank but spectacular Malham Tarn. Recommended.I’ve uploaded a few pictures below.

   Limestone pavement, Malham Cove
Self portrait on limestone pavement
At the base of Malham Cove on the bank of the river. Climbers can be seen in the background.
Malham Tarn on a bleak Monday morning

3 comments so far

  1. Yolande on

    So u & I will ride to Germany? Where will you take your bags…said the city girl?

    • strassenbahn13 on

      Bags go on the front and back. We have to ride very light, though. That said, it is summer, so we do not need too many clothes. I trust. Tent weights 980g.

  2. Yolande on

    Wow good luck with packing light. Guess u can always wash stuff along the way. Anyway, should be an exciting and memorable ride. Do enjoy!

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