Olympic brand circumvention

Time to “celebrate” those who are trying to get round the exclusivity of all things Olympics. I’m not endorsing this. I would be no happier with alternative corporate behemoths sponsoring relative to the ones that are. But I do like spoilers.

Top of the list seems to be Google. Each day on the UK Google site used by millions each day is some cartoon image that Google-ises the olympics. Today’s is the swimming and I have reproduced it on the left – unless Google has a problem with that.

Puma is the natural rival to Olympics sponsor, Adidas. They have gone with Usain Bolt’s image who is sponsored by them. He also endorsed Virgin Media in a recent campaign. Haribo (sweets) is trading on Union Jack packaging in contrast to official sweet, Cadburys.

Nike’s Olympic campaign is as good as they come (right). No Olympic colours, rings. No mention of London or the year. However, the postcode is remarkably Wimbledon where the Olympic tennis tournament is taking place. Nike has a good pedigree when it comes to ambush marketing.

source: thedrum.co.uk

I direct readers to The Drum, a website that has found a few good examples of circumvention. Again, I take an image from the website – square olympic rings with inverted letters for a tailor, of all businesses. There are many more to see on the website for amusement. Equally, Manifested Marketing (http://manifestedmarketing.com/), has lots of examples.

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