Tandem preparations

I spent some of the weekend preparing the tandem for the journey. We now have a cycle computer attached, bags and lights. Lights are a bit of a problem because most come with fittings that do not account for luggage. One has to adapt the fittings to attach them to a part of the bicycle that is not obscured by the panniers and and other luggage attached to the rear and front racks. Why is this?

As for the route, we take the ferry from Hull to Rotterdam and then the ride is approximately along the Rhine. Beyond that we have no plans. The maps below represent roughly the route.

I’ve circled in red the places of note…click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Section 1: Rotterdam east towards Duisburg      
Section 2: Duisburg south towards Köln
Section 3: Köln towards Koblenz
Section 4: Koblenz towards Wiesbaden and Mainz
Section 5: Mainz towards Worm, Mannheim and Heidelberg
Section 6: Karlsruhe towards Strasbourg
Section 7 Not clear yet whether we continue along the Rhine to Basel or whether   we brave the Black Forest.

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