The Rhine Route by tandem – the experience (1)

On from The Hague, we followed LF4a – a long distance cycle track to Enschede. We took it as tStraat Hofhe route includes Arnhem, which seemed like a good place to join the Rhine after not being able to follow it from the official ‘starting point’ at Katwijk. However, the LF4a is not endowed with campsites (actually, there are not too many in the whole of the Netherlands), so we had to make some deviations. That is how we fortunately ended up at the campsite at Leimuiden. I say fortunately because it was a delightful space, but it was also where we discovered just how friendly the Dutch are relative to what I had read (more on that later). Within minutes of arrival we had been offered 4 cans of Hoegaarden beer by a woman who was captivated by the tandem but could not stay.

Me, tandem and tent at Straathof

At breakfast time, another woman offered us coffee whilst she waited for her children to rise. Extraordinary generosity that was replicated many times as we progressed.

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