Onward Marlboro Maybe

MaybeJan13The Maybe campaign goes on. New for 2013 is the poster on the left. In Marlboro Country, no doubt, the occupants of a car on the freeway gesture. I had to look up what the gesture actually means. It is called the Corna and seemingly has modern satanic origins; though in this poster it is more likely to mean “rock on”. If seen at a football match it may be an unpleasant gesture to the referee.

Suffice to say, the occupants of this vehicle are not ‘maybe’ers’. They know what they are about. Maybe.

Hand gesture info from http://www.languagetrainers.co.uk

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  1. chavbookworm on

    Strange nostalgic advert. Everything about it screams 1980s. From the car, the gesture, the leather jacket. Is it attempting to appeal to the fashion for nostalgia or tweak the actual feelings of nostalgia smokers of a certain age have for their youth?

    • strassenbahn13 on

      I sense, from the advertising for all cigarette brands in Germany, that the target is youth, not oldies. The Maybe campaign, even when featuring old people, has an existential grounding. So the old lady is defiant – even in old age. The youth is defiant, even though they are only driving a car along an empty freeway. I suspect the nostalgia is in the hearts of the advertising agency!

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