Istanbul – The Bosphorus and Spice Market

 DSCF0147The sun came out today prompting us to think that a boat ride along a part of the Bosphorus was a good idea. We walked to Eminoenue where a good number of ferries arrive and depart to and from Harem across on the east side. There we were sold a 90 minute boat ride up the Bosphorus for 20 Lira. The boat turned out not to be quite what we were shown and the timings were interesting to say the least. And it was very very cold, but the views were stunning in the sunshine.DSCF0168 We advise, take some food with you onboard and expect some waiting around and no commentary.

By late afternoon we alighted and headed into the spice market. The spice market is colourful, aromatic and non-threatening. We found a cafe where we could get a hot wrap and some tea and then later another service variation on rice pudding. Heavy. We then took the metro back to Sultanahmet to finish thawing out in the hotel after the river experience.

DSCF0176There is a splendid fountain separating the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia. At night it is illuminated green, blue and red. A perfect backdrop for a photograph.

As we walked to a cluster of restaurants we observed a frisky dog visiting a kebab shop, tail wagging, asking for food. The kindly man directed the animal outside where it waited patiently in anticipation. A few pieces were cut from the kebabDSCF0173 hanging, as they do, in the window. The pieces were placed in the street on a piece of paper whereupon the dog rejected them!

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