Belgian Class 204 locomotive in Brussels

DSCF0255I’m not much of a train spotter, but walking towards Brussels Midi on 12 May 2013, I could not help noticing a locomotive (left). I trust it is a Class 204 originating from the 1950s. This is as close as I could get, but it looks impressive and powerful.

I note from those who know the following in terms of history: “At the time the TEE (Trans Europe Express) trains were introduced in 1957, the belgian locomotives of the 204 serie (later on 54 serie) have started hauling trains on the Paris-Brussels and Köln-Brussels lines. This is probably were they were given the honorific title of “TEE locomotive”. The belgian SNCB had, with these units, the possibility of concurrencing the foreign trains operating on its network.
Upon arrival of the multi-current electric locomotives on the TEE lines (in 1963/1964), the 204/54 were assigned to local services, passengers and freight, such as Aachen (SNCB/DB) or Montzen (SNCB/NS).

“These units, like the 202 and 203 series (later on 52 and 53 series) were derived from the NOHAB-GM (64.2246) used in Norway. They have been built by AFB (Anglo Franco Belge) at the La Croyère factory (Belgium).

“The 1900 HP engine allowed a maximum speed of 140 km/h. As these machines were initially reserved for passenger trains, they were equipped with a steam boiler to insure the heating of the coaches.”

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