Make the call

IMG-20130806-00288Ok, this is my latest purchase. A wirefree doorbell. With a loud chime.

In my bid to source from as near to home as possible, I was expecting a difficult task in finding a Europe-made doorbell. This one is made by Electrium Sales, a Siemens subsidiary. I thought that I was in with a fighting chance, having not been aware previously that Siemens had made doorbells.

No country of origin on the box. I then opened the box and looked on the instructions. No guide to where it was made. Then on the device itself. No.

I then opted to phone them, they having conveniently given their number on the instructions. A model number and two minutes later we had tracked down the device to its manufacture in Withernshaw, near Manchester. Thanking the woman who engaged me in this investigation, I asked why such information was not on the box…

Worth the call.

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