Ryoji Ikeada – Datamatics ver.2.0: Brighton Dome 13 Dec 2013

Ryoji+IkedaRyoji Ikeada is a Japanese digital artist now based in Paris. Datamatics is an ever-developing piece fusing visuals and sonics derived from ‘data progress’. The presentation has two extremes. Visually, the projection (onto a curiously creased white screen located on the stage) is black and white with a few red and/or blue ‘accents’; sonically, it is loud, very loud. In fact, the venue offered free ear defenders against the 100 db plus soundtrack. They were needed.

This is a performance that splits its audience. It is clear from the Twittersphere that it was well received by the digital community in Brighton. For2011_datamatics_dna those of us on the periphery, making sense of it was not easy, even if there is sense to be made of it. The accompanying leaflet, some of which I have quoted above, was not helpful. Here is another extract: “Driven by primary principles of datamatics, but objectively deconstructing its original elements – sound, visuals and even source codes – the new work creates a kind of meta-datamatics. Ikeada employs real-time programme computations and data scanning to create an extended new sequence that is a further abstraction of the original work. The technical dynamics of the piece, such as its extremely fast frame rates and variable bit depths, continue to challenge and explore the thresholds of our perceptions.”

At 55 minutes it is over-long. The first ten minutes are thrilling – like anticipating being on a roller-coaster. The extreme sonic and bright visuals shock the body. Then it merely becomes boring, though no less stressful for the body through the senses.

I might have anticipated Ikeada appearing from behind the screen at the end. No show. Read into that what you will.


Ryoji Ikeada: http://www.last.fm/music/Ryoji+Ikeda/+images/71046212

Datamatics ver.2.0 Brighton Dome – http://www.ryojiikeda.com/

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