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My Blackberry

My two years were up in August. Time to ‘ugrade’ my mobile. Even on the morning of my visit to the Carphone Warehouse, I really really wanted to stay with Blackberry. But the bad news about the state of Blackberry and the intelligence from app writers that there is little to be gained for writing for the platform, coupled with Nokia’s acquisition by Microsoft, indicated that a migration to another platform was reluctantly needed. Most converting Blackberry users, it seems, have over the past months migrated either to iPhone or alternatively to Samsung/Android. Whilst getting locked in to Google does not really appeal, getting locked out of Blackberry is even less attractive.

DSC00542My new mobile is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (left). I have not had it long enough to comment on its functionality. That comes later. In the meantime, any readers with whom I was connected on Blackberry Messenger, please be reassured that I did not deliberately break the link. Within 20 minutes of my visit to the shop, I had been transferred (they said it would take 24 hours).