Marlboro get in on the act

Young people are directly targeted by the cigarette firms. The latest Pall Mall ad – which I don’t have a snap of yet – features a group of young people on a rooftop enjoying the spring with alcohol and cigarettes. There are some curiousities here. In most of the Pall Mall ads featuring young people, it only seems to be one of them actually smoking.

Marlboro’s latest advertisement features young people in a night club. There are no explicit images of individuals smoking, but being thrown in the air is certainly fun. The slogan MAYBE NEVER WILL defeats me. Any help on this would be appreciated. However, the text at the bottom indicates that the tar that one receives in smoking the cigarette may vary depending on how one smokes it; i.e. inhaling or not. That’s reassuring.

Anyone interested more widely on global trends in the cigarette industry might care to visit:

For more pictures visit:

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  1. […] is the negative image going to be represeted on more alluring advertising such as that practised by Marlboro, Camel and Gauloises? It trust the answer will come like the answer to plenty of other potentially […]

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