The Olympics

Time to say my piece as the whole thing ramps up.

The London Olympics is pure folly. Sporting competition is one thing, deploying the army to ‘protect’ us whilst the event is on suggests that something is not quite right.

The athletes seem to me to have been grossly exploited. Parading around in kit made by global brands strikes me as being cheap. Appearing on advertisements for global oil companies propping up nasty regimes, equally so.

The allocation of tickets is beyond comprehension. Bidding for tickets to events in which one has no real interest in the hope of getting tickets for the 100m final is exploitation.

Advising employees to stay at home for the duration because the infrastructure cannot cope beggars belief.

What is it about the flame? How extraordinary is it to light a flame in Greece and then fly it still alight to Cornwall? Or to take it up Snowdon (in the hands of Chris Bonnington) on a train?

Television and radio coverage is uncritical and tedious.

Today we discover that Visa has exclusivity on ATMs – meaning that mastercard holders cannot withdraw cash. They are actually turning off rival ATMs at the Olympic venues to enforce exclusivity!

We’ll see about the legacy.

I could go on…

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