Seeberg Kopf circular route

We started at Bayrischzell. The walk started at a car park and mini-golf course to the south of the town. Route 645 is a delight. Initially wooded and constantly zig-zaging as it scales the steep side of the mountain.

When one leaves the forest the first of the Alms (Neuhütte) appears. The peak is basically up to the right of the Alm. A couple of kilometers further, Seeberg Alm comes at a junction. Up 20 mins or so to the peak (left). The peak is accessible to nonchalant cows. There will be some people as well. The peak is 1538m

When hikers have had enough of views over Bayrischzell and towards Wendelstein, walkers go back to the Alm and either retrace steps back to Bayrischzell or go right following a path to Osterhofen. It is a steep descent. The path meets a driveable path signposted to Klareralm and further to Niederhoferalm (below right).

The best of the walk is still to come, however. Follow route 645a (Talweg) towards Bayrischzell. The valley is fantastic and vertigo-inducing in places. Eventually the path meets the road, though continues in parallel at a discreet distance. We rewarded ourselves with dinner at the Alpenrose Hotel restaurant (eating on a very pleasant terrace). Vegetarian food available in that very Bayern way.





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