Hiking up Wendelstein, Bavaria

Wendelstein is an imposing sub-2000m mountain in southern Bavaria. It is accessible on foot by 7 paths. There is also a cable car (Seilbahn) starting at Osterhofen (near Bayrischhzell) and a mountain railway originating at Brannenberg.

We took route 660b from Bayrischzell, first through some forest before the mountain is visible just short of Hockreut Alm (right). Overall, it is only 6km, but it is very steep in places. That said, there are many children to be found scurrying up with ease and, indeed, enthusiasm. It took us a textbook 3 hours to reach the summit (the final section is a constructed path leading to a viewing platform) in increasingly deteriorating weather. Clouds were beginning to envelop the peak – with an attendant temperature fall.

It is well way marked, maintained and engineered. In some of the most difficult parts, robust wooden steps have been provided. They are helpful and make the whole experience safer. There is plenty of exposed rock which will be slippery in rain.

At the top one finds a viewing platform (currently being rebuilt) and a cross (right). There is a television mast and a university observatory. There is also a cafe/restaurant. Expect a lot of people at the top. Savour the climb rather than the summit. That said, there are many panels detailing the geology of the mountain, albeit only in German.

We took the Seilbahn down. It is expensive, currently €14.50 per adult. We had wanted to walk back along the train route to Bannenberg; however, the ascent is probably enough of a middle-aged couple for one day. The weather was also a significant factor for us.

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