One good tandem ride – Munich to Tutzing and back

This year’s summer holiday has been walk oriented. The semi-planned tandem tour was sidelined. We did take a ride to Tutzing on Starnberger See, however. The original thought was to ride to Starnberg (24kms) and then ride around the lake in a clockwise direction and pick up the train at Tutzing. We started out in fabulous weather along the Würm Tal (Würm Valley). There is a cycle route taking in Planegg, Krailling and Gauting. It is lovely, though there are plenty of walkers as well. Care is needed. 

From Gauting to Starnberg we found the Mühltal cycle path which we had never used before. Wonderfully forested (right). We picnicked there. The path joins the main road into Starnberg, but there remains a cycle track.

The weather caught up with us. We decided to cycle anti-clockwise straight to Tutzing. The path is again forested with lots of people hiking and bathing. It is frequently necessary to leave the lake to go around private property.

The rain came down in Tutzing. We elected to go to a Greek Taverna to eat. And then at 1840 we elected to cycle back to Munich rather than take the train. The rain had passed, but we would need to do part of the journey in the dark.

We retraced our route back to Starnberg and then took an alternative route signposted to Königswiesen. We climbed out of Starnberg and through a golf course into another forest. When we emerged we were close to Hausen (right). Stupidly we went through the village rather than turning right towards Königswiesen. If there was a signpost, we missed it. This resulted in a bit of detour to get back to Gauting. Lovely sunset, though (left).

Once in Gauting, the route to Munich is fully illuminated and with dedicated cycle paths and good signage. In total, we managed 87km. We were pleased with ourselves.

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