Vive le Moment in the snow

I have reported elsewhere that the Gauloises advertising team is obsessed with semi-naked women. Well, it seems now that that is a bit boring, so now it is just naked women, flanked by men. It being the season, of course, for running around without clothes.

So, what is going on? Seemingly, Bavarians understand the concept of Pistengaudi (me thought it was a drunk architect). It is when you’ve done the skiing for the day and it’s time to get drunk. And naturally, in such circumstances, one sheds clothes. It goes without saying.

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  1. Diamond on

    Die schlimmste Propaganda aller Zeiten …

    Ich möchte wissen, ob diese Zigarre oder ob das Haschisch.

    Verderben Sie nicht die Jugend … für Ihre ungerechten Gewinne…

    Ich hoffe, dass Sie die dumme und beleidigende Propaganda stoppen
    Das Leben ist nicht trinken, Nacktheit und Lust.

  2. […] Vive le Moment campaign sticks with the winter theme and young people being naked in the snow. This time it looks like a hot tub in the garden with the […]

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