Time to argue

20151005_072934I remember many years ago when I first went to Northern College in Barnsley in the early 1980s, many of the students smoked in class. This was allowed, at least for the first year of my studies. Bizarre to think about it now. One of the favourite brands at that time was John Player Superkings. Super meant, very large. As a consequence, they took longer for the smoker to finish. This enabled us passive smokers, more free pleasure.

Pall Mall seems to be visiting the past with a series of advertisement posters in Germany for their equivalent brand, Extra Cut (above left). The strapline translates, I think, as “about the taste, we can argue for longer”. Though the extremely intelligent and witty people at the ad agency don’t really think that the couple in the picture are arguing about the taste. One can tell by the expressions on their faces, I think. He’s just being a cad. She’s having a fag because he’s a cad. Never mind, there is always death to look forward to. That will give them something to argue about. Not much pleasure there.

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