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Enjoy the Moment – the best advice ever from a cigarette firm

wp-1487537190825.jpgThere has been a recent addition to the Pall Mall Enjoy the Moment campaign. Here we find two women, one with a cigarette, and a man giving the smoking woman a piggyback ride. The strapline “schon nach Hause” translates literally as “already at home”; naturally we enjoy the moment.



Pall Mall first with 2017 billboards in Germany

I arrived in Munich last night to the delights of Pawp-1484397608333.jpgll Mall’s new campaign. The strap line is Enjoy the Moment. There are two posters doing the rounds – one of men (left) the other featuring a women and a man.

So, the scenario for the first one (left) is that the bloke on the left has lost a bet. The forfeit, however, is not what one might expect for a smoker, his life; rather the minor issue of his beard. I trust that his life ends in due course with ghastly lung wp-1484511849566.jpgdisease.

The second one sees a woman in the foreground and a man in the background enjoying the rain (Pall Mall has a thing about women getting wet while smoking). “Schiet Wetter” goes the strapline (I think we can all translate that). Enjoy the moment. Two things I enjoy not very much. Being wet and cigarette smoke, other  people’s,naturally.

Yet another fatalist Pall Mall couple

20160206_191109The couples Pall Mall campaign persists across one of only two European  tobacco-friendly advertising countries, Germany (the other being Bulgaria, it seems). The latest example is compelling (left). Bearded man holding cigarette, woman with an eye partially closed tugging his hair with the tagline translating as ‘good moments savoured for longer’ (because the sticks themselves are longer than normal). She is really saying, I sense, “stop smoking and shave otherwise…” Before you know it, he’s in the cancer clinic.

Time to argue

20151005_072934I remember many years ago when I first went to Northern College in Barnsley in the early 1980s, many of the students smoked in class. This was allowed, at least for the first year of my studies. Bizarre to think about it now. One of the favourite brands at that time was John Player Superkings. Super meant, very large. As a consequence, they took longer for the smoker to finish. This enabled us passive smokers, more free pleasure.

Pall Mall seems to be visiting the past with a series of advertisement posters in Germany for their equivalent brand, Extra Cut (above left). The strapline translates, I think, as “about the taste, we can argue for longer”. Though the extremely intelligent and witty people at the ad agency don’t really think that the couple in the picture are arguing about the taste. One can tell by the expressions on their faces, I think. He’s just being a cad. She’s having a fag because he’s a cad. Never mind, there is always death to look forward to. That will give them something to argue about. Not much pleasure there.

More bearded men

2015-07-09 17.57.20JSP’s summer campaign seems to suggest that it is cool to be a hipster. Two such men take time out to kill themselves (or at least one of them, the other gets it passively). “Always easy going, never boring”, claims the strapline.

Talking about boring, what about Pall Mall (right)?2015-07-09 17.57.57 “tastes superior and longer” – the tobacco sticks seem to be longer in length than those of the competitors. This is a stripped down version of an earlier poster.

Cigarette advertising – Vive death

2015-06-18 22.32.27Munich’s Laim S-Bahn station is the place to see the most recent billboards featuring cigarette brands. Last night I saw two splendid examples; one for Pall Mall (left) and the other for that oh so French fun brand of death, Gauloises (bellow right). There’s also a Lucky Strike effort (below left).

Pall Mall move away from the Pall Mall sex couple and revert back to selling on the basis of those rather smart packages. The strapline does not translate very well, but let me try ‘way ahead on taste’. How would you know? Better than those coffee flavours by Lucky Strike?2015-06-19 20.17.19

Much more accessible is the Gauloises campaign, Vive le Moment! Here we have a bunch of blokes falling into a pool. Great fun. It’s a warm day, let’s fall into the pool and be cool and cooled. Better to drown than to die of cancer, I guess.

2015-06-19 19.58.21Finally, Lucky strike persists with the strikethrough campaign. “Lots of meaningless advertising” states the original. Strikethrough and you get some more meaningless advertising: “more content”. Yeah. Lethal chemicals. Keep up the good work.

Spring cigarette advertising campaigns in Germany

DSCF1097Cigarette advertisements in Munich are sprouting like spring flowers. Three brands are slugging it out on the streets, Pall Mall, Camel and Gauloises (making a welcome return to the narrative).

Pall Mall has gone monochrome with a set of posters featuring people who have amazing lives. Seemingly. These two loveable men, according to the caption, as I  understand it, have very colourful lives already (hence the monochrome picture). The cigarette seems to help theirdownload_20150216_142357 masculinity.

There is an equivalent for the women (right). These two sophisticates ask what are we to think of them? Not much. Really.

DSCF1092The French brand, Gauloises, has a similar approach with its ‘Vive le Moment’ campaign. Of course, this involves, like the competitors, living life to the full with cigarettes, a seemingly contradictory idea. Here we have two people having fun in a bath – though the cigarette is unsurprisingly absent. Somehow they have ended up in this situation having missed a flight and checked in to a different hotel. As you do. Both of them seem to have overcome their nicotine addiction and predilection to cancer in favour of sexually transmitted diseases.

There is an exclusively female take on this. Here they use their long tresses to create moustaches. Why would they do this?DSCF1095 Not sure. Maybe they should get to know the hairy men in the Pall Mall ad. Could be a good night of tobacco exchanges. Or not.

DSCF1094And then there is Camel, ‘untamed since 1913’. Colourful. A bit like gravestones. Quite fitting really.

Pall Mall and mature couples

2015-02-06 22.13.34-2Is this the new Pall Mall couple? The ageing hipster with his oh-so stylish beard. The 30 something woman with perfect teeth and nail-barred fingers wonderfully hosting a newly lit cigarette. And the strapline? Erm…more is not enough for us?

Is death not enough?

Autumn smoking

Pall_Mall_Oct14Pall Mall’s Autumn campaign is not really anything to write home about. The packs (left) basically say, “look at me”. But what does it really mean to be a limited edition cigarette; and more bizarrely, to have unlimited taste? Surely they mean lots of carcinogenic burnt tobacco taste that burns one’s tongue and lingers longer than rivals’ brands? Or some such.

Marlboro’s Endurance Man campaign is a little clearer after the arrival of the new posterMarlboro_my way (right). Endurance Man here has a motorbike, though he remains inexplicably riding across the desert in search of a tobacconist.

Pall Mall und Frauen

Pall_Mall_Frauen_Mai_2014Five women spend time together outside in the sunshine. One reclines on a chaise loungue with a cigarette reading a magazine. The other four seem to be in conversation. One wonders if there is a relationship between the lone woman with cigarette and the others. Has she been isolated? The others seem to prefer water or nothing.

This particular Pall Mall product has a mild taste, whatever that is. But clearly it reflects the moment. Presumably, if they were doing something more edgy, they may choose a minty one (see post 18 April 2014)?