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Autumn smoking

Pall_Mall_Oct14Pall Mall’s Autumn campaign is not really anything to write home about. The packs (left) basically say, “look at me”. But what does it really mean to be a limited edition cigarette; and more bizarrely, to have unlimited taste? Surely they mean lots of carcinogenic burnt tobacco taste that burns one’s tongue and lingers longer than rivals’ brands? Or some such.

Marlboro’s Endurance Man campaign is a little clearer after the arrival of the new posterMarlboro_my way (right). Endurance Man here has a motorbike, though he remains inexplicably riding across the desert in search of a tobacconist.

Marlboro persists with Maybe campaign

2014-07-15 14.27.16Marlboro seems to be capitalising on cleaner packaging design. It started in the summer with the “Red is here” announcement (left).

This has now migrated to the “Don’t be a Maybe” campaign which has a new impetus with the “I changed the Game” man. Which game, we might ask? It looks like some sort of desert endurance. The brand is global, so there must be easier ways of getting a fix. A shop, perhaps!

DSCF0762With the new packaging, clearly, endurance man is not always necessary. It is enough to push for more nicotine, tar, carcinogens and cold outdoor shelters (if you are lucky) outside pubs, offices and hospital waiting rooms.